JS Bank is actively contributing to the digital revolution in the banking industry of Pakistan by taking initiatives involving major stakeholders. The Digital Banking Department of JS Bank has taken up a new challenge which is to empower Fintech entrepreneurs by accelerating financial inclusion through development of innovative banking experiences. The program has been named 'Build the FinDevs Program' (BFDP), the collaborative initiative between Hult Prize Pakistan and JS Bank aiming at empowering the next generation of Pakistani Fintech entrepreneurs. 

The objective of this collaboration is to direct financial developers to utilize the power of open APIs available for all on the first banking developer portal in Pakistan. Moreover, it aims to build a platform to study challenges and explore digital solutions that promote financial inclusion and transform the future of banking, while promoting Fintech start-ups and entrepreneurs.

With Open Banking Development emerging as a new trend in Fintech, financial institutions are now focusing on creating an ecosystem to drive financial inclusion with improved customer experience. A key focus area is ease of banking and access to accounts as the amount of paperwork attached to a bank sign-up often holds back a lot of individuals in opening a bank account. To digitize this essential experience, the Digital Banking Department at JS Bank has been actively integrating technology. With 13 exposed APIs and an active Developers’ Portal, JS Bank is now on a mission to streamline banking as a platform.


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