Let’s collaborate

We’re on the path to reimagining financial services and we’d love to team up with you to achieve it. Our APIs are completely open and fully self-serve so that you can easily build products to offer plug and play banking services.

We create the future of banking with you

Whether you’re a FinTech innovator, a freelance developer, a neo-bank – or even none of the above – we welcome you on board.

What’s the value for you?

  • Partner with one of the leading and most innovative banks in Pakistan
  • Unlock new business models with our APIs
  • Secure, reliable and scalable APIs
  • Open APIs available for non-customers of our bank
  • Multi-currency money movements, authentication and account reporting all in one place
  • Start creating using our realistic sandbox environment and quickly test your ideas

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps


We know you hate reading lengthy manuals – we hate it too. We have therefore made our documentation super-brief. Go ahead and read the basics, understand what the API is doing and how. Just click on “Try the API” to check the format of responses.


You are now ready to register. Introduce yourself to us and start collaborating. We’ll provide you with test data to use in the Sandbox environment and verify that your application works smoothly.If you run into problems, just explore our comprehensive troubleshooting guide or write to us at developer@jsbl.com or reach out 'Contact Us' tab.


Time to handle real information, make real payments and experience real account reporting. Get in touch with us to obtain approval for production and launch your breakthrough idea!

Ready to start testing?

Click on Get started to find out more


What is this Dev Portal all about?

Developer Portal is meant for all the public developers out there. Be onboard and start using JS Bank exposed APIs to create better.

How can I use this portal?

Click on Get Started and go through the sections under 'How it Works'.

What does the Products tab do?

It contains all the requisite documentation to the JS Bank exposed API.

Why do I need to register myself?

To access the JS Bank APIs for both Sandbox and Production APIs.

How to test this API on this portal?

On each API documentation page you have a section "Try-out Yourself" you can use this section to test each API.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other

What does the 'Your Apps Gateway' tab do?

It provides you with your 'secret' credentials to use the Sandbox/production environments and the exposed APIs.

Are these exposed APIs free to use?

Absolutely, Feel free to create.

What is a Sandbox and a Prod App?

The Sandbox environment has the test APIs from JS Bank. Once you have successfully tested these APIs you can request for a Production App to launch your App.